About Us

When we began, we felt the good people of Oklahoma would benefit from decorative concrete contractors they could trust to do excellent work for a fair price.

Over the past few years, Decorative Concrete of Oklahoma has established a reputation for three things: high-quality craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and written guarantees.

Typically, people perceive concrete as just another construction material—a bland, gray slab. Most people overlook the potential beauty and style concrete has to offer. Well, we bring that beauty and style to light. Our decorative concrete introduces your home to a fresh, chic atmosphere and can make your Moore, Oklahoma house pop. Our dedication to craftsmanship transcends throughout our entire business.

As much time and energy as we put into our craftsmanship, we put into our customer service. Your satisfaction is our top priority. From design to installation, we’ll work with you every step of the way. At Decorative Concrete of Oklahoma, we adapt to your needs—not the other way around.

Additionally, unlike many contractors, we provide written guarantees. We’re confident in our work, and we want you to be confident too. With Decorative Concrete of Oklahoma, you know exactly what you get. Our guarantee extends from inception to completion. And, if that’s not enough, we even guarantee a $100 finder’s fee for any referrals.

At Decorative Concrete of Oklahoma, you’ll enjoy quality craftsmanship and genuine customer service. Take advantage of our free bids and estimates as well as our flexible hours of operation. Again, at Decorative Concrete of Oklahoma, we adapt to your needs—not the other way around.

Learn more about our services, including: concrete staining, stamping, polishing, concrete overlays, and microtoppings.

We look forward to providing you with decorative concrete floors that you’ll enjoy for years.

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